3 unique honeymoon destinations you haven't thought of & tips to plan your own trip
by Rachel Geeser

With my wedding less than two months away I could not be more excited for the big day. With all the stress that goes into getting ready for the wedding though, what I am really looking forward to is a relaxing week on the beach with my new husband! For my fiance and I picking a honeymoon destination was pretty simple. We knew we wanted a tropical locale, a short flight to maximize our time on the beach and it had to be a spot neither of us had visited before. The Bahamas checked all these boxes and we cannot wait to celebrate our new "married" status island style.

There is a lot to consider when planning a honeymoon so here are a few tips on help you get started, plus three unique honeymoon destinations you haven't thought of!

How To Start Researching Destinations?

To make a fun game of it, have you and your fiance make a list of honeymoon destinations you'd like to go to. Compare lists and see how many you have in common and start narrowing down your list from there. You'll also want to discuss the type honeymoon you want. If you would rather spend your week relaxing on the beach, the Caribbean may be the way to go. If you're an on-the-go adventure couple, think about Europe or even Asia.

How Much Should You Spend?

Once you've decided on the destination, you'll want to start thinking about what your budget is. The average honeymoon costs about $5,000 for an 8-day trip. Traditionally the groom pays for the honeymoon, but as it becomes more common for both families and the bride and groom to pay for the wedding, this allows the bride and groom to organize and plan for the honeymoon together. Regardless of who is paying, you'll want to have an honest conversation about expectations upfront so there aren't any disappoints down the road.

When To Go?

Traditionally the bride and groom leave directly after their wedding for the honeymoon, but it's becoming more and more common for the newlyweds to leave the day after, a week after or even a few months after. A few things to consider are seasonality, vacation time for you and your spouse and holidays. You'll want to avoid hurricane season in the Caribbean, which runs end of June - November and rainy season in Hawaii which runs November - March, or invest in travel insurance that covers weather-related incidents.

If you plan on taking a longer honeymoon (2 weeks+) you'll want to take into consideration how much time you're taking off work before the wedding and how much time your companies will allow. For teachers it is tough to take off extended periods of time during the school year so think about going on a "mini-moon" right after the wedding and your honeymoon in the summer months. Lastly to maximize your vacation days, think about planning your honeymoon around paid holidays. Just keep in mind traveling on holidays can increase your cost.

Three Offbeat Honeymoons

1. Cross-Country Road Trip

It's becoming increasingly popular for newlyweds to travel the US for their honeymoon. In fact in 2010 the US surpassed the Caribbean in terms of honeymoon destinations for couples. Check out VRBO or Airbnb for houses, cottages and condos you can rent at a variety of price points you can stay at as you travel the country.

2. Go Glamping

Glamping isn't for everyone, but if you are the kind of couple who love an adventure, but also appreciate a little luxury this could be the trip of a lifetime for you. Glamping.com offers high-end camping destinations around the world. Think less tent & sleeping bag and more cozy beds and five-star luxuries.

3. Under The Sea

Who says you have to spend your honeymoon on dry land? Oliver's Travels have created a package that allows you to honeymoon aboard a luxury submarine. We have to warn you this is quite pricey (starting at $600,000+), but this will be an experience you'll be sharing with your grandkids and great-grandkids. The sub comes with a butler and chef and you can pick your underwater destination from anywhere in the Caribbean.

Photo by  Adrienne Gund

Photo by Adrienne Gund

Well brides, are you planning on  having an offbeat honeymoon? Which unique honeymoon destination are you planning for after the big day? Let us know in the comments!


Rachel Geeser is a Chicago newlywed who can't remember a time when she didn't love weddings. As editor of An Eventful Life she writes about fashion, food, entertaining & DIY projects. You can find her on TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Pinterest.