Wedding advice: 5 ways to share your wedding registry with guests
by Stephanie

Photo by  Marisa Holmes

Photo by Marisa Holmes

Wedding registries are often some of the trickiest pieces to the wedding etiquette puzzle. Sure, you've registered for gifts and your guests want to be able to buy you a thoughtful wedding present... but how do you tell them about your registry without seeming gift-grabby? The line between helpful and tacky can be a fine one to walk — luckily, the registry experts at Zola are here to demystify this detail so you'll be able to share your wedding registry with guests without a fuss!

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You’ve created your registry, picked out the gifts you’ve been dreaming of filling your newlywed home with, and are all set to debut it to your wedding guests. Then comes the moment (a sometimes somewhat awkward one) of how to let everyone know that your registry is ready for them. You want to make sure it’s easily accessible to your guests without being too pushy, and most of all, you want your guests to feel comfortable and excited to celebrate this big moment. Here’s how we recommend sharing your registry.

1. Wedding Website

The most common way we see couples sharing their registry is on their wedding website. Guests will naturally be visiting the website to learn about details, so it’s a fitting place for your registry to live as well. Usually couples will set up a section for their registry, so the information is easy to find and guests can come and go as they please. We definitely recommend doing this, but also encourage couples to explore the options below to complement your wedding website!

2. Invitations

The next big place that everyone will look for information regarding your big day is along with the wedding invitations you send. There are various cards in the envelope (directions, RSVP, etc.), so we’ve seen more and more couples include information about their registry, too.

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3. Save-The-Dates

If mentioning your registry in your invitations seems too formal, consider doing so with your save-the-dates. This is an informal invite to the wedding, so it can be a more casual way to nod to your registry.

Photo by  Weddingbee

Photo by Weddingbee


4. Wedding Shower

Guests will already be in the gift-giving mood at your bridal shower, so this pre-event is a great opportunity to reiterate where you’re registered. Get your bridesmaids together and make cards to include in a goodie bag or as a small takeaway.

Photo by  Zola

Photo by Zola

One tip: share your registry before this event, too, as some guests will want to purchase shower gifts right off your registry! Get inspired to add shower gifts you like, so you’ll get gifts you actually want, with this Wedding Shower Collection.

5. Remind People In Person

Everyone’s human, including your guests, and some people may forget along the way where you’re registered. If they ask (operative word being ask), don’t be shy about reminding them!

At the end of the day, there’s no one best way to share your registry, but the key is to be polite, gracious, and never make your guests feel like they have to get you something. If you stick to this etiquette you can’t go wrong! Hopefully these tips will give you a good starting point.  Have any tips yourself for ways to share your registry? We’d love to see them in the comments below!

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