Celebrity wedding hair inspiration: 3 gorgeous hairstyles inspired by the stars
by Biana Perez

Photo by  E! Online

Photo by E! Online

Celebrities can serve as a really great form of inspiration for brides! From red carpets events to even their own wedding day looks, celebrities offer a different take on some styles you may not have thought to try for yourself! When it comes to picking a wedding hairstyle, you have more options than just the ones you see on Pinterest and Bridal Magazines - just look to your favorite stars for the ultimate celebrity wedding hair inspiration!


Updo's aren't nearly as structured as they used to be. You can have a low chignon with intricate designs or a side swept hairstyle that leaves way for a gorgeous headpiece.  Choosing a wedding updo with your hair swept back allows for the focus to be on the beauty of you!

Photo by  Marie Claire

Photo by Marie Claire

Photo by  US Magazine

Photo by US Magazine

Photo by  Glamour

Photo by Glamour

If you want to see how you'd look with an updo for your wedding day check out this amazing style you can create in less than five minutes!!


Whether you're going for that old Hollywood glamour or want a more laid-back California beach look, celebrities have got you covered! From Blake Lively's gorgeous half up - half down look to Lauren Conrad's boho-chic hair, sometimes it's best to stick with what you know!

Photo by  Vogue

Photo by Vogue

Achieving these gorgeous waves doesn't have to be difficult! If this is a look you want to try at home check out this great tutorial for perfect waves!


If you want to take your hair to the next level on your wedding day adding the unexpected element of a braid can do just that. This is not only a fun look, but can undoubtedly be romantic if you decide to pair it with a gorgeous head piece. Instead of a flower crown, opt for a braided crown with beautiful babies breath thrown in.

Photo by  Elle Magazine

Photo by Elle Magazine

Photo by  Daily Makeover
Photo by  Cosmopolitan

Photo by Cosmopolitan

Photo by  US Weekly

Photo by US Weekly

Braided hairstyles can be a bit tricky to try on your own, but thankfully the ladies over at VeryHair have some of the best tutorials around, including this easy to follow half up, half down braided look!

The best piece of advice I received while prepping for my wedding was to do things that felt like "me." Meaning not to choose a hairstyle just because it looked pretty, but to choose a style that I would look back on in 10, 20 or even 30 years and say that was totally me! So if you're not a fan of how your hair looks pulled all the way back or up, odds are you won't really be too thrilled with the look for your wedding either.

Another important thing to keep in mind while choose a hairstyle is the style of your dress. If you have a beautiful neckline or gorgeous detailing on the back, you'd probably want to showcase that as well, so choose a hairstyle that aligns with that!

Is there a celebrity whose tresses you adore?! What style is your favorite for wedding day hair?


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