5 unique wedding centerpiece combinations that make a statement
by Stephanie

When you start diving into planning the visual details of your wedding day, you'll quickly find that there are so many great ideas out there, it's hard to narrow down! If you're looking for a unique wedding centerpiece idea to complete your wedding reception look, your first step is: don't panic! Yes, you are spoiled for choice, but the myriad of options out there means that there's a perfect combination of elements out there to create your unique wedding centerpiece.

Your first steps? Look at your overall wedding feel and theme. Where are you holding your reception, and how does that impact the overall feel of your reception? What adjectives so far have you used to describe your wedding theme (and if you haven't chosen one, make sure to read our post about choosing a wedding theme here!)

Once you find a few key words that describe what your wedding reception should feel like, it's time to find ideas that fit into that mold. We've helped to narrow down your search a bit by finding our favorite rustic, modern, whimsical, glam and sophisticated wedding centerpiece ideas and combinations here. From rustic farmer's market flowers and mason jars to glam mercury glass centerpieces, this is the right place to start your journey. Read on for more ideas!

Rustic: Mason Jars, Bottles + Farmer's Market Flowers

It's easy to make a statement centerpiece without spending a fortune. I know many couples who simply opt to buy farmer's market flowers the morning of the wedding, and have repurposed jars and bottles ready as vessels for the blooms. Make sure you've got a pretty variety of flowers and vessels in varying heights — and boom! Rustic, beautiful wedding centerpieces in a jiffy.

Get the look: Ready to DIY? We love this tutorial for painted bottle vases, and this tutorial for chic paint-dipped bottles.

Photo by  Paper Antler

Photo by Paper Antler

Photo by  EE Photography


Modern: Milk Glass + Colorful Flowers

Milk glass is a white, porcelain-like glass that is back in a BIG way. The clean, modern look of the milk glass can give your wedding centerpieces a sleek mid-century modern feel, and extra pops of color with your flower can set off the look in a whole new way. Think hot pink, bursts of orange and other cheery color combinations.

Get the look: While milk glass is a little harder to find, you can check your local wedding rental companies to see who stocks a variety of milk glass vessels; or, you can find one-of-a-kind pieces on Etsy or at your local flea market.

Photo by  A Creative Mint
Photo by  Shea Christine
Photo by  Marta Locklear


Whimsical: Teeny Jars + Oversized Blooms

This has to be one of my favorite looks for a fun and whimsical wedding centerpiece, because it's just so darn cute! Pair bud vases and teeny jars with single, colorful oversized blooms for an adorable and unique look. Because the bud vases can only hold so many flowers, you'll actually need less for these centerpieces, which can seriously save you some money if you are looking at floral centerpieces on a budget. You could even repurpose your groomsmen's boutonnieres and have them place their bouts in a bud vase after the ceremony — they won't miss them, and it'll add to your reception decor!

Get the look: Bud vase prices can vary — you'll find the cheapest options at Walmart or Amazon, but you can find a deal if you look in thrift stores or scour online (like these on-sale ones from BHLDN!). If you can't find bud vases in your budget, simple glass votives and candle holders are a great substitute, and still pack the visual punch of a smaller bud vase.

Photo by  Jen Rodriguez

Photo by Jen Rodriguez


Glamorous: Mercury Glass + Romantic Arrangements

Besides milk glass, mercury glass is another type of vessel/vase that is majorly in. With it's gorgeous sheen and slightly vintage look, it's perfect for any reception that wants to make a vintage glam statement. I find that romantic floral arrangements in pastel shades of pink, orange and lilac look stunning in these vessels, but something as simple as baby's breath can look great in mercury glass too! It's a versatile decor piece that only needs a little bit of color to go a long way.

Get the look: Mercury glass can be expensive — but we've got an easy tutorial for how to DIY mercury glass vases and bottles right here. (You're welcome!)


Sophisticated: Greenery & Goblets

Okay, this is my second favorite look, next to the bud vases. Goblets and pedestal bowls have been steadily becoming go-to vessels for planners and florists to use for centerpieces. Not only are they insanely pretty, they add height and visual interest to a centerpiece arrangement (and if you've read our post on styling wedding tables, you'll know height is essential!) Pair those gorgeous vessels with this season's hot greenery trend, and you've got a winning combination for a sophisticated and pretty summer wedding reception.

Get the look: Like milk glass, finding goblets and/or pedestal bowls for your wedding centerpieces is a little tricker. Besides wedding rental companies, scouring Etsy or your local thrift store/flea market for these items are your best bet for finding affordable pieces. And after the big day is over, goblets and pedestal bowls look just as awesome as home decor!

Photo by  Jose Villa

Photo by Jose Villa

Photo by  Brandon Kidd

Photo by Brandon Kidd

So there you have it: 5 simple combinations for winning unique wedding centerpieces. No matter what look you choose, I'm sure your wedding reception is going to be stunning! Which would you pick for your wedding day, brides? Let us know in the comments!