How to choose a wedding ring: tips and inspiration to create your wedding set
by Emily Westbrooks

So you've got your dream engagement ring on your finger — but have you thought about how to choose a wedding ring yet? When my husband and I got married, he had been playing professional basketball overseas for the past year. Since he couldn't wear his wedding ring while playing basketball, we were both convinced he would lose it within months. The constant taking off and putting back on would surely mean we'd be replacing the ring in no time. So we opted for the cheapest of the cheap, a $46 titanium ring from some no-name website. Little did we know that his ring would outlast many of his non-athlete friends! Seven years later, he's still putting on and taking off that same ring at least three times each week, and it's become a fun little anecdote to share through the years.

Meanwhile, my only stipulation for my own ring was that it be narrow enough to sit under the setting in my engagement ring. I settled on a simple white gold band from the same local jewellery store my parents bought their wedding rings twenty-five years earlier.

Most people (like us!) don't think about the fact that your wedding band is likely the only item from your wedding day that you'll wear for the rest of your life. Your dress, his tux, the flowers, the venue - those are all decisions that will last you just for your wedding day. Your wedding band is something you'll have around your ring finger for years to come. So that's why we're helping you with a few tips for choosing your wedding band, as well as some of our favorite wedding bands and where to find them.

Photo by  Teneil Kable

Photo by Teneil Kable

First, a few tips on how to choose the perfect wedding band. Let's start with your engagement ring. Since you'll be wearing the two rings together for a long time to come, it's important to consider what kind of band will go well with your engagement ring. If you have a vintage engagement ring, a vintage-style wedding band, perhaps with engraving or filigree elements will go best with that style. If your engagement ring has a lot of bling, you might consider a simple band that doesn't compete too much with your engagement ring. You can also take into consideration the cut of the diamond if you're looking for a diamond band - mimicking the same cut can bring consistency to the two rings.

Second, your wedding band and your partner's wedding band don't have to match. The only time the two bands will be together is if you ask your photographer to take a shot of the two rings together before the ceremony. For the rest of your marriage, no one will see those two rings together, so don't fret if you want different styles. And if you're thinking you have to have the same metal for your engagement ring and wedding ring? Think again. Mixing metals is all the rage, and will look unique yet timeliness for years to come.

Photo by  Williva

Photo by Williva

Finally, when you're shopping for your wedding band, think long term. It's more than okay to go for a more trendy style (we have a few of those below!), but make sure you love it enough that it will stand the test of time. The last thing you want is a wedding band that's dated after ten years.

Are you ready to start wedding band shopping? I know we are! Tell us your favorite wedding set idea in the comments!

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