5 DIY wedding ceremony backdrop ideas that wow
by Jessica Zimlich

Photo by  Alyssa Maloof

Photo by Alyssa Maloof

I’m sure you all know by now that the actual ‘I dos’ are more important than the photo album or the photo invitations you and your partner choose. The main focal point should be the bride and groom and the wedding ceremony backdrop coming in close second. Whether your big day is happening indoors or outside, these DIY wedding ceremony backdrop ideas will be sure to wow your guests and make for gorgeous photographs, too! Gather your gal pals, enlist the help of your husband-to-be and get down to business! When all is said and done, you can claim the bragging rights for your handy work when anyone asks where you got that amazing set up - and trust me, they will ask.

1. Colorful streamer backdrop

Photo by  Fresh In Love

Photo by Fresh In Love

For the bride-to-be who isn’t afraid of a little (or a lot) of color on her wedding day, the DIY Streamer Backdrop makes for a vibrant, memorable setting and some brilliant photo ops.

Difficulty rating: 2 (on a scale of 1-5, with 5 meant for those who consider themselves DIY masters).

Photo by  Sonya Khegay

Photo by Sonya Khegay


2. White wax paper backdrop

Photo by  Allie Rae Photo

If color isn’t exactly your thing, this DIY Wax Paper Backdrop will lend a hand in adding some oomph to your muted color palette, while creating a frame for the dynamic duo (that’s you two!). Who knew deli sheets could look so elegant?

Difficulty rating: 4, due to the fact that it’s time consuming in nature.

Photo by  Gabriel Boone

Photo by Gabriel Boone


3. Hanging floral backdrop

Photo by  Allison Andres

Flower children, unite. A DIY Floral Backdrop is not only budget-friendly, but it lands on the easier side of the difficulty spectrum, which gets bonus points in my book. Take note that purchasing the pricier wedding arch will actually save you time in the long run.

Difficulty rating: 2

Photo by  Mint Photography
Photo by  Docuvitae

Photo by Docuvitae


4. Coffee filter backdrop

A customizable DIY Coffee Filter Backdrop, meaning you can dye them whatever color your little heart desires. Not only is this backdrop subtle, but it’s trendy (in the best way possible, of course).

Difficulty rating: 3, again, time consuming, but 900 coffee filters will do that to ya.


5. Flower pergola backdrop

If you’re going for a soft, boho wedding vibe, this DIY Floral Pergola Backdrop fits the bill. Once again, this is customizable, as you can switch up the flowers with your wedding pick.

Difficulty rating: 3

Are you planning on creating a DIY wedding ceremony backdrop of your own for your wedding day? Which one is your favorite?

Jessica Zimlich

Jessica Zimlich

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