Bridal lingerie ideas and advice for the wedding day
by Biana Perez

Photo by  The Becker

Photo by The Becker

We are going to get a bit "cheeky" here today! Talking about bridal lingerie can be a hot topic, but picking what you wear under your wedding dress can be almost as important as the dress itself! With the explosion of boudoir photo shoots, what you wear underneath can now be seen..if you want it to be!

You've been showered with beautiful lingerie and wearing it is a must, but how? If you don't really need anything too over the top to keep you "in place" in your wedding dress, don't worry, because you can still get the pictures you want!

Assuming you're not too shy, there are some pretty fantastic photos you can take. Before the dress goes on, take some time to bask in your "bridal glow" and show off that lingerie.

These pictures aren't meant to be shared with your Facebook friends, but think of them as "just for him." If you want to keep things a bit more tame, a beautiful "bride" robe is just as beautiful and get's the lingerie feel across in photos!


What to keep in mind

What looks beautiful in pictures, doesn't always translate into comfort - we've all worn 5 inch heels and know the pain all too well!! A lot of wedding dresses come with attached bras inside and there really is no need for a corset!

Skip the pain of wearing it for 10+ hours and get some great photos before the dress goes on! When purchasing your lingerie either for the wedding day or that night, keep in mind what type of dress you have! The last thing you want is to look through your wedding photos and notice your hands are constantly adjusting your dress!!


Lingerie Favorites

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Between Victoria Secret's bridal section, an exclusive bridal selection from BHLDN & the amazing pieces from Nordstrom you are sure to find something that is perfect for before you slip your wedding dress on! Just because your underwear on your wedding day might say "bride" or "MRS," that doesn't mean it'll be the only day you wear them!! You'll always be a bride to your husband!

When it comes to what lingerie you wear, choose something that you'll be comfortable in for a long period of time.


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