Wedding hairstyle tips: how to find your perfect bridal hair
by Jessica Zimlich

So, you're engaged to be married, congrats! At this point you may be stuck between trying to plan for peonies on a baby's breath budget and fighting tooth and nail for your dream venue during the thick of the wedding season, but don't let your wedding hairstyle add to the long list of stressors.

We're here to help! We got wedding hairstyle tips from Jordan Zimlich, an updo guru at Skyline Downtown Salon, to find out how she helps her clients nail a look fit for walking down the aisle.

Choosing a style should be a fun, flexible experience that your knowledgeable stylist is ready to walk you through - let's get right to it! Below are some key items to remember when deciding on a style for the day you say "I do."


Play up your natural-born features

Work with your stylist to find a look suitable for your personal style and face shape. For example, leaving hair around face that extends below the chin can elongate an a already long face, so opting for a style that features a shorter swept bang can soften long angular shapes. If your cheekbones or dimples are defining features, sweeping hair off your face to showcase some of your best attributes may be a great option for you.

Photo by  Sarah Bradshaw


Add some oomph

Your stylist can discuss with you ways to distribute volume and texture throughout different areas of the style to flatter your face and create a lasting style for all of the day's festivities.


Keeping it classic is always a good idea

Choose a style that is composed of classic lines, and timeless texture and color. While an updo with maxed out volume, a focal braid or ombre colored hair hanging in loose waves may be beautiful, trendy styles may date your wedding day photos ten years down the line. If you love a current trend, talk to your stylist about how to incorporate or alter the style to create a timeless look. Perhaps a subtly woven braided texture throughout your bun will be more suitable than placing a braid front and center through your bangs.


Do your homework

If you're uncertain of how to describe the looks and styles that appeal to you, gather photos and reference eras that you love. Keep in mind that hair color will play a factor in how a style looks. Dimensional blondes often embody a look of texture and multi tonal shine when put up in a bun, a brunette wearing the same style may look more sleek and smooth. When looking at photos, try to check out styles in your color range.


For best results, keep an open mind

Be open to adjusting what you have in mind for your bridal hairstyle. Having your hairstyle customized to work with your dress, the weather, your face shape, daily style and more is not only important but invaluable.


Practice and perfect

Talk to your stylist about things you love, hate and would be open to during your trial run, which should take place about a month before the big day.


With these tips under your (garter) belt, you'll be sure to land a look that you love almost as much as your beau! Happy planning!

Jessica Zimlich
Jessica Zimlich

Jess Zimlich is a Kansas City based lifestyle blogger at 26 and Not Counting where you can expect to see a heavy emphasis on personal experience and life adventures. When she isn't working on her fitness, you will most likely find her enjoying brunch (mimosas included!), catching up with her best friends or flipping the pages of her latest read - she's old school like that. She isn't engaged, yet, but she looks forward to the day when she can put that Pinterest Wedding Board to work!