Fun ways to incorporate ribbon wedding decor into your ceremony and reception
by Biana Perez

Photo by  Jose Villa  via  KT Merry

Photo by Jose Villa via KT Merry

I'm sure as you've started wedding planning you're thinking about ways that you can reign in your budget in areas that that you want to dress up, but may be overlooked by many of your guests — enter in ribbon wedding decor!!

Even though some might not think of ribbons as an accessory or unique decor idea to be included in a wedding, I promise after I share these great ways to incorporate them into your wedding day, you'll be jumping in the car to your nearest craft store!

1. Accessorize the ceremony

The part of your wedding that usually get's the least amount of love in your budget is the ceremony. You often find yourself cutting corners because guests won't really be in that space for too long - especially if it's in different location than your reception. Use ribbons to dress up the altar, the backs of chairs or even the backdrop of where you'll be saying your vows.


2. Dress up your flowers

Your flowers along with the bouquets that your bridesmaids are carrying don't necessarily get a ton of love after the ceremony, so dress them up for the pictures and the walk down the aisle. You can coordinate the ribbon to match the dresses or even go a little more customized with a thicker monogrammed ribbon that the girls can take home with them after the wedding!

Photo by  Saffron Avenue
Photo by  The Nicols

Photo by The Nicols


3. Unique reception options

Chairs are often times not the prettiest part of the decor and ribbons offer you a great chance to bring a little color and detail into an overlooked part of your reception. While planning my wedding the chairs were oddly enough something I fixated a lot of my time on and at the end of the day I still felt like they weren't how I wanted them to look! I really wish I would have gone with a creative idea such as hanging ribbons of the back to make them more whimsical! Even something so little as tying a ribbon to the escort card gives you a fun DIY touch to your wedding!

Even thought ribbons aren't necessarily expensive, they can offer a luxe look for less! I found two very different DIYs that could take your wedding day to the next level. If you wanted to share engagement pictures or perhaps even photos from family members on their wedding day - consider trying this hula hoop DIY. One that might need to be left up to the pros is this floral pergola, something that could be recreated by your florist!

Now that you've seen what can be done with ribbons, do you think you'd incorporate them into your wedding day?


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