Wedding dresses with unique backs that make you say "Wow"!
by Biana Perez

A wedding dress is beautiful on it's own - the style is unlike anything you'll ever wear again! Purchasing a dress with a stunning back makes it even more gorgeous. And there's nothing we love more right now than wedding dresses with a unique back!

Walking down the aisle, your guests see the front of your stunning dress and as you walk past them, you surprise them with the undeniably beautiful detail on the back of the dress! The "forgotten" part of the dress if you will! Trust me, any of the below picks will not be forgotten!


If you have elements of lace in your dress why not bring it all the way around? Whether it's in the sleeves or a touch of lace that was added to straps, this is a delicate detail that gives off the right amount of femininity!

Photo by  Steve Eichner  via  Brides

Photo by Steve Eichner via Brides

If you're interested in this for your own wedding day look, check out some of these stunning gowns that give you that give you the lace effect!



I'm the first to admit that your wedding day isn't necessarily the day you should be showing everything off, but showing some skin isn't a bad idea! I'm sure you've spent endless hours at the gym to look great so you  might as well show it off!! You can dare to bare...just a little!

If you're a daring bride you'll love these gowns!

Photo by  Galia Lahav

Photo by Galia Lahav



Do you like a little bling? Well it's not just reserved for your jewelry anymore - add another touch of glamour to your wedding dress by accentuating the back of your dress with stones that will have you shining even more!

Check out some of these gorgeous gowns that won't outshine you!

Think about all the time you're going to be spending in that dress - why not make it look fantastic from 360 degrees?! It's time to show off those backs brides!! Would you dare for a more revealing look on your wedding day?


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