7 Tips To DIY Wedding Floral Arrangements
by Jessica Zimlich

Before we dive in, it's important to know that creating your own wedding floral arrangements is different than creating your own bouquets for your wedding day. I think the latter of the two requires a bit more skill (but that's not to say it can't be done!) and for today's purposes, we will be discovering tips that will help you create the best floral arrangements to be used as centerpieces at your reception or statement pieces during your ceremony.

Let's get started, shall we?

1. Tips to cut costs

To save on cost, use flowers that are in season. Making friends with the local florist often times means they can get you in contact with their wholesaler (which will also save you money in the long run), but if that's not an option, picking your florals based on what's widely available at that time is your best bet.


2. Prepare your flowers

Always strip any foliage that will be sitting in the water. This keeps the flowers fresh for as long as possible (which is a must if you're creating your floral arrangements a few days out, and you should, because no one wants to be doing that the day of!) as it eliminates the amount of bacteria that could contaminate the water the flowers will be sitting in.


3. Get the right supplies

Make sure the sheers you are using to cut your stems are clean and sharp. If they aren't, you risk crushing the stems which will prevent the flowers from staying alive as long as possible - those dingy kitchen scissors of yours probably aren't the best thing to be using, a pair of sheers is well worth the investment! Also, always err on the side of caution and cut less than you think you should from the stem. You can always take more off, but if you snip them too short, there's no going back.  A good trick to measuring the height of the flowers is to move the vase to the edge of the table and hold up the flower so that it dangles below the edge and you can get an idea of what it would look like in the vase at various heights.


4. Build your bouquet

Start with your greens first and build a nest of sorts that will support the larger statement flowers. You will want these pieces to be longer than the flowers you will be using to create this effect.


5. Organize your arrangement

Build a network of stems by crossing them (weaving a web) in the vase. In a pinch, you can use scotch tape and crisscross it over the top of your vase. This trick would also work wonders for those of you lacking in patience department or even those who are pressed for time. Don't be afraid if your arrangement starts taking the asymmetrical route (like the one pictured below).


6. Finishing touches

Fluff the flowers after you're done arranging to add volume. As you are creating your wedding floral arrangements, they tend to get smashed down and lose some of their shape - this gives them life!


7. A word on tulips...

Tulips keep growing (who knew?!) so if you're using them in your arrangement, they may need to be trimmed every few days so they don't look like they're trying to steal the show on your big day.

Do you plan to DIY any of the florals for your big day? 

Jessica Zimlich
Jessica Zimlich

Jess Zimlich is a Kansas City based lifestyle blogger at 26 and Not Counting where you can expect to see a heavy emphasis on personal experience and life adventures. When she isn't working on her fitness, you will most likely find her enjoying brunch (mimosas included!), catching up with her best friends or flipping the pages of her latest read - she's old school like that. She isn't engaged, yet, but she looks forward to the day when she can put that Pinterest Wedding Board to work!