Sweet summer wedding dessert ideas to treat your guests
by Emily Westbrooks

I got married in August in Maine, and while I was rather comfortable in my sleeveless gown, my husband was roasting in his suit, shirt and tie. Given, he was a little nervous and grew up in Ireland, where it rarely gets warmer than 70 degrees. And that's a heat wave! So he really could have used one of these cool summer wedding dessert ideas to cool off after a slightly sweaty ceremony!

If you're having a summer wedding, these are some of the sweetest (and some of the simplest) treats you can offer your guests to cool them down if the weather gets a little too hot.



Popsicles are all the rage, and I don't think they'll be going out of fashion any time soon. There are some amazing combinations to try, like berry yogurt pops or ginger peach popsicles. Can you believe you can even spike popsicles? We love these Grapefruit and Strawberry Greyhounds or French 75 Popsicles. Popsicles for a crowd can be a little tricky to DIY, so consider asking your venue to whip up a batch of signature popsicles for your guests and bring them out on beautiful trays when they need something refreshing.


Sundae Bar

Sundae bars bring out the kids in any age wedding guests. Keep it simple with one or two ice cream flavors, then offer a selection of toppings, like sprinkles, Oreo cookies, fresh fruit, chocolate and caramel sauce. Providing the toppings in jars means you can set everything up well ahead of time, and then have the venue staff set out ice cream and whip off the lids.


Ice Cream Bars

If your guests are the playful types, consider handing out ice cream bars for a sweet treat. You could even source traditional ice cream truck treats to bring your guests back to when they were kids! This is another easy option to buy ahead of time and drop off at your venue - just make sure there's ample freezer space to keep everything cool until you're ready for a lick!

Photo by  The Hotplate

Photo by The Hotplate


Fruit on Sticks

For a more casual wedding (like this sweet garden party!), there's nothing more fun than frozen fruit on sticks! Slices of watermelon, stacks of grapes, berries, even slices of peaches look and taste great when eaten like a kebab. And there's nothing more healthy or DIY-friendly to make beforehand than a whole bunch of fruit on sticks!

Photo by  Made by Mary

Photo by Made by Mary


Sorbet or Granita

Another lighter summer wedding dessert is a sorbet or granita. Both are a sweet but less creamy than ice cream, so they not only cool your guests down but really refresh them as well. If you have your caterer make a big batch of the seasonally flavored treat, you can serve them up in beautiful glasses for an elegant pick-me-up. Try this delicious recipe for pink champagne granita with pomegranate. Delish!


An Ice Cream Cart Outside

This might be the simplest summer dessert option for your guests: arrange to have an ice cream cart parked outside your venue! If your wedding venue is in a busy area, you can even give your wedding guests little special tickets to redeem for a few scoops. It's often easiest and most cost effective to limit the flavor options.

Is your mouth watering yet? I think I'm going to start taste testing different combinations of fruit on sticks - and of course some ice cream! - for my sister's upcoming August wedding!


Emily Westbrooks is an American-born writer and blogger based in Dublin, Ireland. She is the Online Editor for Confetti Magazine, one of Ireland's top bridal magazines. She also writes her own lifestyle blog, From China Village, where she chronicles her adventures in Dublin, travels around Europe, DIY projects and Irish design. She shares her home with her husband, one cat, and four sassy chickens!