Five ways to incorporate fruit wedding decor into your big day
by Biana Perez

Tis the season for fresh fruit — you eat it, but have you ever thought to incorporate it into your wedding? Maybe you have if your last name is Lime (my best friend had a wonderful lime theme), or maybe peaches are your thing because you're getting married in Georgia! Either way, this unique wedding decor ideas is sure to make a statement!

I promise that after you finish seeing all these fun ways to incorporate fruit wedding decor in to your big day, you'll stop thinking of them as a food group and start thinking of fruit as a way to bring a fun new twist to your wedding decor!


The escort cards, aisle at the ceremony or even your sign in table are some of the first signs of what your guests can expect from your wedding! A little ode to the state you're getting married in or the the state you both fell in love in is a fun touch to start your wedding with!



You know how you ask the bartender for a twist of lime to go with that vodka soda you're drinking, well why not adorn the entire bar with limes and lemons to give some color to an otherwise forgotten area of your reception! If you're having an outdoor summer wedding, think about having infused water stations instead of mini bottled waters for each of your guests!



The easiest way to incorporate fruit into your wedding decor is with the centerpiece. Whether you use it as the holder for your table numbers or as the focal point on the table, it's another fun way to add a fresh touch to your decor. If you're a DIY bride this would be one of the easiest tasks on your to-do list!



We always think of fruit as part of dessert because it's sweet and so is your cake!! By adding it to the table around your cake stand or even within your cake, gives a little color to your usually white wedding cake!

Photo by  Hello Studio

Photo by Hello Studio



Skip something that your guests will more than likely forget about or even throw away and send them home with some fresh fruit! Not only is it a really cute favor, but you're doing something healthy for them too! They'll thank you!

Using fruit in your wedding can often times be more cost effective if you're looking to keep your budget in line! This of a bag of oranges at the store and now think of how pretty the vibrant orange would look on your tables, for a fraction of the cost of flowers!!

Now that you've seen these fun ways to add fruit to your wedding - do you think you'll do it?!

Biana Perez is a twenty-something newlywed that is quite simply giddy over weddings. She's co-owner of Bespoke Boston Weddings & Events in Boston and you can read along as she writes about food, fashion & fitness (and lots more in between) on her blog, Bloved Boston, and follow her @blovedboston on Twitter!