Beyond the bouquet: 4 unique flower wedding decor ideas
by Nahva Tecklu

When you imagine yourself walking down the aisle, what is it that you see?  For may the picture wouldn't seem complete without a beautiful bouquet, but the focus on florals shouldn't stop there. Flowers are a beautiful addition to any space, and with so many unique flower wedding decor ideas for your big day, there's no reason to stick to your bouquet when thinking about wedding flowers. Here are a few of my favorite ideas!

Flower Walls

A strategically placed flower wall can function as more than just a background for special moments of the night the like the first dance, cake cutting, or exchange of vows. Repurpose the wall as a beautiful backdrop for photos your guests will love. Or, create a chic lounge outside the main reception room for guests to enjoy.

While the price of traditional flower walls is rather high, you can cover the majority of the wall with less expensive greenery and accent with flowers to achieve a similar effect, or opt out of a solid wall and instead hang flowers loosely for a more ethereal look that won't break the bank.

Floral Structures

To wow your guests before you begin your walk down the aisle, consider investing in a floral structure placed either at the head of the altar or somewhere else visible to guests as they make their way in. A fully covered arch will act as a dramatic focal point, directing attention to your beaming groom.

On the other hand, a combination of light fabrics and greenery can create a whimsical feel that's subtly striking. If you're working with a venue that won't allow outside structures, but you still want to incorporate flower wedding decor, look out for existing structures you can work around, you may even save money by doing so!

Photo by  The Nichols  via  Brides

Photo by The Nichols via Brides

Hanging Florals

Hanging flowers are a huge trend this season, and it's no surprise. There really is something breathtaking about a falling bloom, and luckily, achieving the look won't break the bank. While the assembly costs may be higher, florists will ultimately use far fewer flowers, which, for you equals money saved. For those replacing traditional centerpieces with hanging arrangements

Aisle Decor

Despite the aisle being a iconic aspect of a wedding, its decor is often overlooked. Flower petals are an easy and affordable way to accentuate the aisle before your grand entrance. Whether you choose to form a monogram or pattern, play with colors using an ombre design, or let the petals fall where they may, a floral aisle runner can do wonders to dress up your ceremony space.

Bonus Idea, Forgo Fresh Flowers and Use Paper Flowers Instead

Here's a secret, your guests will be wowed by what they see, not what material it's made of. Not only will opting to use paper flowers save you money, it means you'll never face any seasonal or geographic challenges to make your vision for your wedding a reality. It really is a win-win!

With these ideas you can incorporate flowers into your wedding for maximum impact, even if your budget is less than blossoming. And for even more ways to save, check out our tips on DIY floral arrangements.