10 wedding tasks your groom should be in charge of
by Jenny Preston

Photo by  Jose Villa

Photo by Jose Villa

Your fiancé is exhausted. He just spent sleepless nights planning the perfect proposal, finding the perfect ring and keeping a HUGE secret. He is ready for a break, but you were just given a ticket to start planning the day of your dreams! Getting your fiancé excited about wedding planning can be a bit of a challenge and may become frustrating, if not infuriating.

So what the important wedding tasks for your groom to be in charge of?  I’m going to let you in on a few tips and tricks I have seen work when it comes to getting your groom on the wedding planning express.

Talk about His Wedding Dreams

As much as we may deny it, we all have a few wedding dreams we would like to see come to life. Ask him what he would like to have at the wedding, what he doesn’t want at the wedding. Maybe he has an intense love for cooking and food, lending his interests perfectly to the research (and tastings) required to find a caterer. Make the day about both of your interests, and your fiancé will be more willing to participate.

Managing the Groomsmen Attire

Believe it or not, finding the perfect suit at the perfect price point for all of your groomsmen can be a pesky job. Between the shopping, the fittings, negotiating, delivery, and tailoring it is almost more exhausting than finding a wedding dress. If your groom is interested in having everyone match, talk about the style of the suit together and then put him in charge of the suit order.

The Rehearsal Dinner

It can be customary for the groom’s parents to pitch in on the rehearsal dinner. This can be a great opportunity for your groom to get his family involved in a planning of the rehearsal dinner. Make a day of it and walk around downtown to ask your favorite restaurants if they rent out an area for private parties, set up a few tastings, and nail down a guest list. Boom rehearsal dinner planned and off your plate.


Reserving your wedding day rentals is all about numbers and logistics. If you don’t have a wedding planner, this can be the perfect job for your groom. When reserving wedding chairs, tables, plates, flatware, glassware, tents, even space heaters, there is a lot of counting involved - and recounting. Then there is the negotiating and managing of drop offs and pick up times. If your groom is a numbers guy and enjoys process more than floral design, this is the job for him.

The Signature Cocktail

My now husband and I loved creating our signature cocktail. We went to one of our favorite local bars, told the bartender what we like, and sat back while he crafted a few things for us. By the end we had a perfect cocktail and a wonderful date night to boot.

Before or After Party

Photo by  Erich McVey  via  OnceWed

Photo by Erich McVey via OnceWed

Your favorite people are all celebrating you and your love. Party it up! As the bride you’ll be so focused on the wedding day, you might just forget to plan a night with your wedding party. Have your groom get in touch with your wedding party and find out when everyone is arriving or available. Once a day and time is decided upon have him create an event in your Wedding Party App so everyone knows to hit up the local pub the night before you get hitched.

The Honeymoon

Planning a wedding and a honeymoon requires super human powers; especially if that honeymoon involves any international travel. Decide with your groom where you are each interested in enjoying your honeymoon. Research a few options with him and then put him in charge of booking the flights, hotels, and managing any other travel needs – even the purchase of travel sized toothpaste for your carryon!

Jenny Preston grew up in Delray Beach, FL in a home filled with unique pieces from other eras and dreaming of wedding planning. She now owns her own wedding planning and vintage rental company, Jenny Does Weddings, with her fiancé, where she offers brides and grooms advice with a look into her own wedding planning and styling adventures. Follow Jenny Does Weddings on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Get more of Jenny's planning advice here.