10 Chic Naked Wedding Cakes and Why We Love Them
by Nahva Tecklu

Photo by  True Atelier

Photo by True Atelier

When it comes to wedding cakes, what's more beautiful than delicate cake, decadent buttercream, and fresh fruit and flowers? Honestly, not much, which is why so many brides are choosing to go naked on their wedding day...well go for naked cakes that is. We're huge fans of unique wedding cakes. This season's hottest trend is to forgo the fondant and we love it. Take a look these 10 chic naked wedding cakes and you'll see why we're obsessed!

This cake is the definition of pretty. Pink blooms and dusted powdered sugar give it an whimsical feel perfect for a fairytale or garden wedding. It's too pretty to eat, well almost...

Only a few ripe berries adorn this stunning cake, and it needs nothing more! The chic minimalism would make the perfect statement at a rustic vineyard wedding.

This cake would look amazing at a barn wedding. The thin layers of cake with exposed buttercream and subtle hints of lavender give this naked cake homemade country chic vibes we can't get enough of.

Momofuku is known for their amazing desserts and, of course, their wedding cakes are no different. This playful riff on classic funfetti comes naked and is a delicious way to celebrate a spring or summer wedding. Yum!

The combination of berries and flowers give this tri tiered naked cake a woodsy feel perfect for outdoor weddings. Not only is the cake beautiful, it's multiple flavors guarantees it will be a crowd pleaser.

Photo by  Sweet Paul

Photo by Sweet Paul

The contrast between the dark layers of cake and white buttercream combined with the caramel dripping down the sides of this cake make it a true showstopper. There's no way your guests will be able to resist.

Ever been to a wedding with a cake that - to your disappointment - looked way better than it tasted? This is certainly not one of those cakes. It's beauty comes from strawberry jam seeping out of exposed layers of sponge cake and lemon buttercream. Looks and tastes like summer!

We're all about switching things up and this cake does exactly that. The exposed lines of cake and frosting are highlighted by the square shape of the cake for a cool, modern look.

With it's decorative frosting perfectly peaking out between each layer this naked chocolate cake is sure to win over any preppy bride!

This cake is amazing. The stacked berries add a touch of drama to each delicate layer. And as if we couldn't love it more....it's a DIY! If you're considering making your own wedding cake a naked cake is a great option. Because of it's perfectly imperfect homemade aesthetic it's a lot more forgiving than a traditional cake. This bride did an incredible job creating her cake and with this online tutorial, you can do the same. Pair it up with a DIY topper to create a showstopper of your own!

With so many sweet moments centered around it, the cake is an iconic part of any wedding. Go ahead and make a chic statement with yours by trying one of these naked wedding cakes everyone will love! Comment below and let us know what you think of the trend!