3 dapper summer style ideas for grooms and groomsmen
by Biana Perez

Let me paint this little picture for you — your handsome groom is standing alongside his best guys at the altar... and all of them dripping in sweat. Not so glamorous, right? Is anyone likely to notice, probably not. But why not have everyone that's a part of your wedding day feel comfortable?

Dark suits are not the end all be all for weddings, but not anymore. Keep reading for three fun summer style ideas for grooms and groomsmen to look dapper and keep cool!


If you've always imagined having the men in your wedding dressed in suits, it's still possible with a summer wedding! Keep the color light with a grey, blue or tan suit. If you're having an outdoor ceremony, the guys will be thanking you for not having them in dark suits that are doing more harm than good in the hot sun!


No jacket, no problem. If your groomsmen are budget conscious, they will say a big thank you for not requiring them to rent (or possibly buy) a full suit! Matching ties can pull this entire look together, and the bright side is your groom can still stand out by wearing a full suit. You can have fun with this look by having them show off accessories like suspenders or just wear vests — either way, it's a great summer wedding look. And, most importantly, it keeps your guys looking hot without being hot!


Another fun alternative to the full suit is to dress up the guys with bow ties. You can go the dressy route with black bow ties for the groomsmen and then have the groom in a tie, or have them all match with bow ties! You'll see below that this look good with or without suspenders.

Photo by  Jo Photo

Photo by Jo Photo

For the most part, the groomsmen will happily take part in your day without uttering a word (if they are uncomfortable!), but these are just a few more things to keep in mind if a large portion of your wedding is taking place outside. If you have some men in the bridal party that tend to sweat a lot, have them order a second white shirt so that they can easily change into that between the ceremony and reception! If that still doesn't help ,these mini hand held personal fans are sure to keep them cool before they have to make their way down the aisle.

What do you like to see groomsmen wearing at a summer wedding? Let us know in the comments! Biana Perez is a twenty-something newlywed that is quite simply giddy over weddings. She's co-owner of Bespoke Boston Weddings & Events in Boston and you can read along as she writes about food, fashion & fitness (and lots more in between) on her blog, Bloved Boston, and follow her @blovedboston on Twitter!