Intimate at home engagement by Lauren Louise Photography
by Stephanie

We have such a special engagement session to share with you brides and wedding lovers today! The lovely bride is no other than the fabulous Jenny Preston, one of our regular contributors and the genius behind Jenny Does Weddings. This intimate at home engagement session is totally unique and cozy — it's almost like getting a glimpse into the life of Jenny and her now-husband Glen. We can't put into words how fantastic this engagement shoot by Lauren Louise Photography is, so we'll just leave it to Jenny to tell us more!

How did you choose the mood/theme of your engagement photos?Lauren wanted to do something different, and we are best friends — so being in our PJs around her is pretty standard. Plus, we just bought our new home so it seemed like the perfect way to celebrate our love, friendship, and the major life moments we have enjoyed this year.


What was a special memory about your shoot?Aside from the fact that it was the most personal and low key shoot and Lauren showed up right when we woke up to start snapping pictures- our cat Stella was all about being in on the action. She saw us cuddling in bed, making breakfast and just wanted to hang out with us like she does every morning. Its just this perfect little relaxed snapshot of our daily life, and that is what I find so beautiful about our love.

What advice would you give someone planning their engagement shoot (or wedding!) right now?Do what feels right to you. I stress this constantly with my brides and engaged friends. You may think that so-and-so’s wedding was beautiful, but that doesn’t mean that it is the right thing for you and your fiance. You’ll alleviate a lot of stress and self doubt when you focus on a style and choose elements of your wedding or engagement session that feel right and come naturally to you.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are so many incredibly talented people working in the wedding industry who are creative and can tap into exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. Trust the professionals, trust yourself, and you’ll have a whole lot of perfection happening.

Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful engagement, Jenny and Louise! We're honored to have it on Wedding Party, and hope that it's leaving you readers inspired and excited for your own engagement shoots!

Photos by Lauren Louise Photography