Save Money Serving Signature Cocktails At Your Wedding
by Nahva Tecklu

With the costs of weddings skyrocketing many couples are looking for ways to cut costs without cutting corners. It’s tricky, but don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to save money that will leave your wallets fatter and your guests as impressed as ever. One our favorite tricks? Cut down your bar budget!

As we’re sure you’ve learned through wedding planning, more options equals more money. By offering a fully stocked bar you’ll likely be paying for alcohol that will go to waste. Don’t do it out of obligation! Instead trim down you selection to a few of your favorite beers and wines, and one or more signature cocktails!  Not only can you save money serving a signature cocktail at your wedding, but doing so will add so much depth to the story, feel, and memory of your wedding. So how do you go about choosing? Well, that really depends on what you hope to emphasize.

Practically speaking it is ideal to choose something that most people love, so stay away from some of the stronger liquors (read: think before you add tequila!). If you’re offering one signature drink one of the vodka based drinks below would be perfect.

For those serving 2 signature cocktails, it’s a good idea to offer a traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine option. A bourbon and vodka like the ones below would work wonderfully.

You may want to consider taking the opportunity to play up your theme! It’s a fantastic way to let your alcohol budget work for both drinks and decor. We’re obsessed with these yummy options!

French 75
French 75

A French 75 is perfect for a 1920's Gatsby themed affair.

And a Glass Slipper is a wonderful option for Disney lovers working with a fairytale theme.

Alternatively a signature cocktail is a fun way to share a bit of your story as a couple with your guests. Think back to any favorite drinks - or wild nights - you two have had. If there was a cocktail involved that’s a great choice! You can either share the story behind the cocktail on the drink menu or keep it as a secret between the two of you. Either way you and your guests will enjoy the pick!

Photo by  Punch Parker

Photo by Punch Parker

Feel free to use creating a signature cocktail - and the money you’ll save by doing so - as a fun excuse to go on a date with your fiancé! Take a mixology class, create a drink of your own, it’ll be a fun break from wedding planning, besides what’s better than something uniquely yours?

You can even use your signature cocktail to invite your guests to experience a bit of your honeymoon by choosing a drink popular to the region you plan to visit!

For those visiting South American country a South America inspired Kiwi Capiroska is perfect.

Italy bound honeymooners can offer their guests a Negroni.

Celebrate a tropical honeymoon with a Caribbean Breeze Cocktail.

Or if you're embarking on a chilly getaway consider a warmig Apple Barrel Cocktail.

Don’t forget to have fun with it! Show off some personality when naming the drink or even choosing the colors!

If you’re having trouble deciding, here are a few of our staff’s favorites:

Offering a signature cocktail is the perfect ways for any couple to take customizing their big day a step further, and for the budget conscious it’s a great solution to trim costs without compromising experience. Would you consider a signature cocktail? Tell us what you think below! And for more ways to save, check out our 5 tips for sticking to your wedding budget!