How To Keep Your Littlest Guests Entertained At Your Wedding
by Nahva Tecklu

So maybe you've decided to allow children at your wedding, or maybe you're on the fence about it - in which case I highly suggest you check out this article - either way it's important to start thinking about how you might cater to the kids. Think about it, as adults weddings are a blast. Who doesn't love dressing up, a nice dinner, the open bar opportunity to catch up with old friends? However for youngsters weddings are often incredibly long, boring days. Good news is, they don't have to be. Consider these ideas to keep your littlest guests entertained at your wedding, you'll be glad you did!

I Spy

Photo by  Martha Stewart

A game like I spy - if challenging enough - will not only keep kids entertained the entire night, but also give them a reason to interact with other guests.

Activity Packs

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

Activity pack can either be purchased or assembled yourself. They'll generally have small toys, activity sheets, coloring bookings, mad libs, or other small worksheets to keep kids busy.

Photo by  Martha Stewart
Photo by  Lovely Indeed

Photo by Lovely Indeed

Chalkboard Games

Chalkboard games are great because kids can play them again and again. Choose a few different games, like hangman, tic tac toe, and foggy boxes, and they'll be set for hours.

Yard Games

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

Classic yard games like corn hole, "wedding" ring toss, and hopscotch are inexpensive to buy - you can even make them yourself - will not only entertain kids, but add a homey feeling to your wedding.

Photo by  Etsy

Photo by Etsy

Giant Board Games

Things that are life sized are way more fun. So kids will love these giant versions of tic tac toe, jenga, and chess.

A Piñata

Photo by  Jared Platt

Photo by Jared Platt

A great way to get kids to behave during a boring segment of a wedding is to promise a reward for good behavior. Hanging a piñata hanging somewhere in plain sight and promising them the chance to break it later will keep them on their best behavior now and super entertained later.


Kids love balloons. So whether you have the budget for a balloon twister, or you simply put some balloons out that they won't get in trouble for playing with, they'll definitely enjoy it.

A Kite

Photo by  Morgan Trinker

Kites are beautiful as decorations, but why not let the kids have some fun with them too? Set a few aside and watch young kids fly them for hours.

A Bouncy House

Photo by  Joseph Hall

Photo by Joseph Hall

You might have to fight adult guests off it, but a bouncy house is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

A VIP Lounge

Everyone loves the idea of being a VIP, so let the kids know how special they are with their own VIP lounge. Fill it with kid-friendly snacks, books, or even rent a projector and put on a movie. They won't want to leave.

Don't forget you can always hire a baby sitter

If you know many of your guests have very young children, consider hiring a few baby sitters on site. Many venues will have a space that can be easily converted into a nursery, that way guests will have the peace of mind that they can check on their children at any time and everyone else can just have...well, peace.

Don't ever underestimate the sweetness of the presence of smiling children can add to your special day. After all, weddings are all about families. So don't let the fear of a bored child getting rambunctious keep you from allowing them at your wedding. The idea above will surely keep your littlest guests happy, entertained, and a result well behaved at your wedding! So what do you think? Please comment below to share any of your ideas, and check out these ways to keep kids entertained at your wedding!