4 untraditional wedding cake ideas for a unique dessert table
by Stephanie

When it comes to your wedding dessert choices, the possibilities are seemingly endless. From donuts to pies to cake pops, it's possible to celebrate your wedding day with all your favorite sweet treats at once! However, when it comes to the wedding cake, many couples are opting for something a little different than the traditional multi-tiered behemoths. And why not? Traditional wedding cakes are expensive and a little less tasty than normal cake, given all the fondant involved.

If you want to have wedding cake on the big day but aren't sold on getting a classic tiered cake, why not use one of these more untraditional wedding cake ideas? We love how they're a little different, a little unique, but make a big impact in terms of design and flavor. Read on to see some of our favorite untraditional wedding cake ideas...

Mini cakes

What's wrong with a normal cake? Why... nothing at all! A single-tiered mini cake could be a great solution to your wedding cake conundrum if you're looking for an affordable and dainty option.

Photo by  Style Sweet CA

Want to go even smaller? These fun personal-sized cakes are adorable and take all the work out of cutting individual slices for your guests!

Bundt cakes

A bundt cake is a little more rustic than your average wedding cake, but it could be the perfect dessert if that's what you're looking for! Plus, the hole in the center makes it a fun cake to try and decorate with real flowers...

Sheet cakes

Maybe the idea of having a sheet cake makes you cringe, but hear us out! Sheet cakes are economical and can be just as tasty as a normal cake, depending on where you buy it. The wedding sheet cakes below are proof that they can be beautiful and wedding worthy, without reminding you of childhood birthday parties!

Photo by  Wayfair

Photo by Wayfair

Cakes in a jar

Last but not least, why not make your wedding cake fun and personal for all your guests? These cakes in a jar are a super fun twist on the traditional wedding cake. Plus, they're already portioned and guests can take it to-go. What's not to love?

Photo by  Tomkat Studio

Photo by Tomkat Studio

Well wedding lovers, what do you think of these totally fun and untraditional wedding cake ideas? Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments!