The best fall wedding venue ideas for autumn brides
by Stephanie

When you think of a fall wedding, what comes to mind? The colder weather, sure — but there's something so romantic and cozy about the changing of the seasons! Fall brides are able to take full advantage of the vibrant colors, cozy atmosphere and seasonal gems of autumn, which are all ingredients for a memorable wedding, in my book!

Since one of the first steps in wedding planning is finding your venue, it's important for a fall bride who wants to embrace the season to find the perfect venue. While you may not have as many outdoor options as warmer seasons (buh-bye, beach weddings!), there's still a wealth of gorgeous fall wedding venues that can provide an unforgettable backdrop to the big day. You just have to know what to look for, first! Below are some of our favorite fall wedding venue ideas... fall brides, get ready to be inspired!


Who says a backyard wedding is just for summer brides? Take advantage of a wedding-worthy backyard by setting up fall must-haves — a bonfire, s'mores and hot chocolate — for your reception. The fall colors and cozy atmosphere are sure to stun guests!

Photo by  Jonas Peterson


Nothing says "fall wedding" quite like a rustic barn wedding venue. Just add some twinkly lights, some gold-leafed pumpkins for decor, lots of dahlias, and you've got a full-on autumnal celebration!

Apple Orchard

It's apple season, so celebrate your big day and the fall in an apple orchard. Your guests might even go home with a delicious bushel of apples!

Rustic lodges & cabins

The fall is for cozy fireplaces, blankets and a mug of hot apple cider — isn't a rustic lodge or a cabin in the woods the perfect setting for that? We think so too, which is why a lodge would be the perfect fall wedding setting!

Photo by  Terra Lange Photography  via Junebug  Weddings

Photo by Terra Lange Photography via Junebug Weddings

A park, botanical or arboretum

Embrace the fall and enjoy the last few days of outdoor weather with a wedding surrounded by the colors of a new season. Having your wedding outdoors in the fall might not be an option for all couples, but for those of you who can have autumn leaves as a wedding backdrop, we say do it!

Photo by  Mark & Kara  via  Oncewed

Photo by Mark & Kara via Oncewed

A historic home or hotel

With colder weather perhaps driving you and your guests indoors, a cozy historic home or hotel could provide a fun, vintage backdrop to keep you and your guests warm.

Where will you be having a your fall wedding, brides? Did anyone get any great ideas or discover a new venue? Let us know in the comments!