21 Awesome Wedding Entertainment Ideas
by Sophie Waller

Looking for some wedding entertainment inspiration? These couples knocked it out of the park when it came to their wedding day fun.

From slip and slides, to ring toss, to bouncy castles, it doesn't have to be expensive to be fun! Here are 21 of our favorite wedding entertainment ideas that require little to no planning.  Try a couple of these and your wedding guests are sure to have a blast on your big day!

2.  Giant connect four for a little bit of childhood nostalgia

3.  Foam fingers, because who doesn't want to be cheered on for their wedding day

4.  An adorable wedding-themed ring toss game

5.  Another blast from the past, parachute games!

6.  Get your guests prescription for a happy marriage

7.  Have a caricature artist for your guests to enjoy, plus the drawings can double as a wedding favor!

8.  Adults & kids alike will love having bubbles to play with, plus bubbles can help make for some great photo-ops

9.  Your guests will love spinning this giant wheel

10. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

11.  Ask your guests to write their answers to some fun questions, you're sure to have a blast reading their comments later

12.  Carnival games are fun for all of your guests, especially when you incorporate your seating chart

13.  Who doesn't love cotton candy?  This cotton candy station is the perfect way to give guests a sweet treat to snack on.  Bonus points if you're making it fresh!

14.  Remember Mad Libs?  Well these are pretty much the same thing, but for your wedding.  Set these on your tables to keep your guests laughing all night long.

15.  Giant tic tac toe games are perfect for outdoor weddings.

16.  Piñatas are great for any party, weddings included.

17.  Checkers is another great game for guests of all ages.  Giant versions are even better.

18.  These cornhole boards are the perfect mix of fun & occasion-appropriate.

19.  Old school photobooths will keep you and your guests entertained all night long.

20.  Two words:  bounce house.

21.  If you'll have guests that don't already know one another, putting icebreakers on every table will help them get to know one another before the party really starts.