20 Wedding Photos You Need To Capture On Your Big Day
by Sophie Waller

No shame in planning your wedding photos ahead of time! Here are 20 awesome wedding photo opportunities that you should add to your 'Shot List' for your big day.

2. A reaction shot from the bridal party.

3. Your bridesmaids helping with last minute adjustments!

4. A photo that really captures your wedding venue.

5. If you're doing a first look with your groom, take full advantage of your surroundings!

6. A photo to show off the brides dress and the venue.

7. A touching moment with the Father Of The Bride.

8. A creative shot with your wedding party.

9. The funny moments that might go unseen!

10.The moment the bride walks up the altar.

 11. A stunning bridal portrait. Use the light throughout the day for creative shots!

12. See what we meant about the light?!

13. Having fun with your groom, it's a great day after all!

14. If you have a unique backdrop, use it to your advantage!

15. And capture a sweet moment with your groom.

16. Because these are definitely the moments you'll want to capture.

17. A moment with the best man and maid of honor!

18. And let's not forget an awesome exit photo!

19. The sheer excitement of being newlyweds!

20. Because after all, this day is truly magical!