7 unique ways to invite guests to use WedPics
by Stephanie

Here at Wedding Party, we aim to make everything about your engagement and wedding planning easier. Our blog, of course, is here for inspiration and advice 24/7, 365 days of the year. However, another great tool you might want to use is our photo sharing app, WedPics! With a custom wedding website and app created just for you, you'll be able to inform guests about important event info, let them see who else is coming to the wedding, and provide fun, private space for them to share all the photos they take from your engagement party to your wedding day.

Once you set up your account on WedPics, you'll be able to see the great benefits of using our service to communicate and share your wedding with guests. However, nothing these days is really a "build-it-and-they-will-come" situation. You've got to invite guests to use WedPics to make the most of it! Of course, we have a simple, built-in way to invite your guests to WedPics via email, text message, or Facebook messages. But let's face it -- sometimes you need to use more unique tactics to catch your guests' attention.

Here are some simple tips for easy ways to get your guests on board with WedPics, and start getting everyone excited for the big day!

1. Ease them into it at your engagement party or bridal shower

You don't need to wait until just before the wedding day to get everyone on board -- in fact, we'd encourage you to get guests joined to WedPics as soon as possible!

Why, you ask? Well, for one, you'll be able to get more photos and communicate more easily about all the events that lead up to your special day, like your engagement party or bridal shower. It also gets guests used to using WedPics as the central place for them to see everything wedding-related -- so on your wedding day, they'll already be pros at using it! Also, imagine having all your memories from all your invitees in one place. Way easier to put together the best photo album of your wedding possible.

2. Get your bridal party on board, and tell them to spread the word

Your bridal party is there to support you on their wedding day, and (for the most part) want to help you make this process easier. So why not put them to work? Getting them on board with WedPics is a snap, and they'll love the fun and dedicated space to share everything about your wedding journey.

Once you've got your bridal party on board, move on to Phase 2: delegate! Ask your bridal party to spread the word about WedPics for you. They'll love being your advocate, and making sure guests know they can stay updated about your wedding with WedPics.

3. Let guests know in your invitations

A very easy way to spread the word about WedPics to your guests is to include a small card in your custom save the date cards with instructions on how to use WedPics. You can purchase app cards for just this purpose on WedPics.com or via the app.  You can even use the code WEDPARTY to save $10 on your order!


4. Include info in your welcome bags

Closer to the wedding day, you'll have guests from out of town trickling in. If you've set up welcome bags or packets for them, why not add in info about WedPics?

An added bonus -- if you've set up gatherings or hangouts for your guests to attend prior to your wedding day, you can mention that all the event info is on WedPics, and that they can see other guests who might attend! It's a great way to encourage guests to get to know each other before your wedding day, and that's just more fun for everyone.

Love this idea? Learn more about unique ways to welcome guests from out of town here.

5. Chalkboard it up!

On your wedding day, you can even incorporate decor with WedPics instructions at your ceremony or reception. We love what this couple did with the chalkboard sign at their ceremony!

Photo by  BeauTiedAffair

6. Remind them at dinner

Did your guests miss the chalkboard sign? Or are you having an unplugged ceremony? No matter -- your guests can still have fun using WedPics at your reception. Leaving place cards with instructions on how to join at reception tables is a simple way to get the word out, without too much effort.

Photo by  PurpleScrunch

Photo by PurpleScrunch

7. Create an I-Spy game!

We love this idea, because it not only gets guests on board with WedPics, but it also ensures that your guests are entertained and you are getting the photos you want from guests! Create an i-Spy game with a list of photos that guests should take at the reception (bride and groom kissing, best dance moves, etc).

Then, encourage them to upload their best pictures to WedPics! Before you know it you'll have hundreds of images for your thank you photo cards to remember your special day, and your guests will have a blast.

Want to get inspired? Check out our post on creating an i-Spy game for guests here.

Brides, are there any of you out there who are using WedPics for your special day? Let us know if you are, and tell us how you got YOUR guests involved! Learn more about WedPics or download it on your smartphone to start sharing your wedding day!

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