Heartwarming Bride & Maid Of Honor Moments
by Sophie Waller

They are your closest confidants, best friends, childhood companions and family.

Your Maid of Honor is your right hand woman & your go to wedding expert! Here are some of the most heartwarming Bride & Maid of Honor pictures!

2. Your best friend from high school..

3. Or perhaps your sister!

4. Either way it might be an emotional moment for you two!

5. She will have done a lot to help you through your wedding!

7. She'll be the one who calms your nerves while you're getting ready!

8. And share some final giggles before you become a Mrs!

8. She'll be the one who helps you get into your dress!

9. You'll have some awesome photos together!

10. Ones you'll treasure forever!

11. You'll share a few laughs on the day!

12. And some tears....!

13. But she's there to make sure you have the best day ever!

14. We mean, the best time ever!

15. Because today is a big day!

15. And you've got a lot of love for each other!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

16. And there is nothing like a Maid of Honors love.

Which shots will you be adding to your shot list to showcase you and your MOH?