17 Times You KNOW You've Found Your Weirdo
by Sophie Waller

Bringing you 17 times couples got this whole relationship thing really really right.

2. He buys you gifts he knows you'll use.

3. You share a similar sense of humor.

4. He is sympathetic to your monthly visitor.

5. You both understand the pure hell that is committing to plans on a Friday night.

6. You practice strong parenting skills pre children.

7. You learned early on you both appreciate the most important things in life.

8. You've learnt to indulge in your S/O's favorite past times.

9. No matter how long you've been together you are still impressed by each others insults.

10. As newlyweds you cherish your new found weekend activities.

11. You can rely on your partner to keep the romance alive.

12. You appreciate each others skill sets.

13. They know exactly what supplies to get you in your time of need.

14. And how to make a make shift Christmas in your new home.

15. They make sweet gestures they know you'll love.

16. They put your needs before theirs.

17. And know exactly the way to your heart.

Ultimately, you are free to be beautiful weirdos together.