8 Fun RSVP Card Questions
by Christina Child


We've all seen the boring RSVP card that everyone expects... chicken or fish, attending or not-attending.  Since you're already paying for the return postage, why not use your RSVP cards as an opportunity to ask your guests questions that they'll enjoy answering, and you'll love reading.  Here are 8 fun RSVP card questions!

1. Song Request - allow your guest to request their favorite wedding song and add it to your playlist.  Guests will be more excited to hit the dance floor when they feel personally tied to the music.  Plus you may get some great song ideas that you hadn't thought of!

2. Marriage Advice - allow a couple of extra lines for guests to share their best piece of marriage or relationship advice.  You can even compile the advice and use as a display at your wedding!

3. Favorite Date Night - Guests will have fun getting creative with their favorite date ideas.  Plus, when you get stuck in a date night rut you can always refer back to your RSVP cards for easy ideas.

4. Favorite Family Recipe - All of your invited guests will have their own special family recipe.  Collect one from each and create a wedding guest recipe book.  Added bonus if you print copies of it as favors at your wedding!

5. Honeymoon Recommendations - If you haven't chosen your honeymoon destination, asking your guests for their favorite vacation spot might provide you with some surprising inspiration.  Be sure to ask for the place, and their favorite things to do there.

6. Future Kid's Names - You'll get a mix of serious and silly responses with this question.  But hey, you might actually fall in love with one of the suggestions...

7. A Fortune Teller Foresees that My Fiance and I Will... - This open ended question could result in all kinds of wacky responses.  All the more fun to read through as they are mailed back in.

8. First Anniversary Ideas - Have guests fill in suggestions for your first anniversary.  Save all of the cards and enjoy looking back at them together closer to the one year mark!

Top image via Etsy