The 6 Types of Bridesmaids
by Alexis

Bridesmaids.jpeg much love, so much history, so many...personalities! Any of these sound familiar?

1) The Planner

This chick is all about some details. She’s got the bridal shower planned to a T. She’s got hand sanitizer and bobby pins at the ready. Your little brother needs a tissue? Girl has got a monogrammed handkerchief for those boogies. Reliable and detailed, this one has got your back.

2) The Partier

Also has your back…as in, holding your hair…on Bachelorette night...over a toilet.  She knows how to make the group have a fab night including blinking crowns, limo rides, and body shots. This girl will be your right hand lady when it comes to a whiskey shot before the rehearsal dinner, and practically bonging red wine with your future mother-in-law so you don’t have to hear that you can’t cook 23524579 more times. She is the Goose to your Maverick.

3) The Go-With-The-Flow Friend

The accessory to every Bachelorette party crime. Always keeps her cool, thereby calming you down- especially as you begin to question if it’s all worth it after your great aunt insists that all pollen be removed from the property 15 minutes before you're to walk down the aisle.  She's the one that gives you the reassuring "wink" as you walk down the aisle...letting you know everything is going will be perfect!  Calm, cool & collected.

4) The Consummate Pain in the Ass

The dresses suck, they hate chocolate cake, Bachelorette parties should be at Disney World, and The Partier came to the rehearsal dinner drunk- how dare she? She may be a bit of a Debbie Downer, but you love her and on your big day she will be right there to assist The Planner, and sober up The Partier.

5) The Sister-in-Law

This one can go either way as to her level of joy and excitement during your wedding planning. But, as you are going to be seeing more of this chick on more frequent, stressful days (Yes, I am referring to you, Thanksgiving) this level of bonding is necessary. Believe me, nothing will strengthen a bond more than this mash-up of a family experience and you will come out with a stronger relationship as a result.

6) The Mom (aka "The Wildcard")

She's your bestie from college.  And also has three of those being her slack husband.  This can really go in 1 of 2 directions. On Bachelorette weekend, she could spend the entire time boo-hooing, missing her family and spending 100% of her time FaceTiming her little devils.  OR not... and instead she spends 100% of her time facetiming bottomless fish bowls filled every liquor imaginable.  If it's the latter, expect Bloody Mary's at 6:00AM (complimented with Mickey Mouse pancakes), midmorning tequila shots, beers at noon and the aforementioned fishbowls the rest of the day/night.   The presence of "The Wildcard" quadruples the chances of someone spending a night in jail.  Planning accordingly (ie. bail money).

The bond with your bridesmaids is a very special one.  You have chosen these women to be in pictures that last forever, calm your anxiety, and stand with you as you marry your BFF for life.  Happy Wedding!

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