5 Things I Learned as a Hired Bridesmaid by Jen Glantz
by Christina Child


We're thrilled to have Jen Glantz of Bridesmaids for Hire back as a contributor to the Wedding Party blog!  In this installment she shares five things she's learned as a hired bridesmaid... Enjoy!

When I started Bridesmaid for Hire, two years ago, I never imagined that the strangers who welcomed me as a part of their wedding day would be the people to rock my view on life, love, and the endless pursuit of happiness. I also never imagined that working weddings, as a professional bridesmaid would completely shake up the fairy tale view I held onto for years about how my own wedding would look one day when I finally locked arms with the man of my dreams. After watching over 40 couples say I Do, some stomping on glass to kick off the marriage, and others just swapping a kiss, I’m ready to share with you the top 5 things I have learned so far as a hired bridesmaid.

1. Bridesmaids Need to Chill Being a bridesmaid is no easy feat and often times it’s a role that’ll cost you too much money, time, and a bit of sanity. But the easiest way to make it through your own personal bridesmaid adventure is to realize that the wedding you’re about to walk down the aisle at isn’t your special day, so you may be asked to do things and wear things and go places that you don’t particularly fancy. If all of that bothers you from the start, skip out on being a bridesmaid and instead be the ultimate wedding guest. If you’re okay with giving up a few of your weekends here and there and wearing a polyester dress you never dreamed of wearing, even in your worst nightmares, then leave your negativity, eye rolls, and even bridesmaidzilla attitude at home.

2. Laughter Cures All The morning of the wedding, when the bride is getting her glam on, and the wedding vendors are off making everything look like her not so hidden Pinterest board, things can and will feel stressful. The best thing anyone near the bride can do is make her laugh. It’s free, easy, and truly the only way to survive the hours before it’s time to walk down the aisle.

3. Old School Traditions Need to End If you don’t know why or don’t like why you “should” wear white to your wedding, toss the bouquet, or wear a veil, it’s okay to leave it out of your celebration. Old school traditions are old. Plan the wedding of your dreams, even if those dreams are a bit wild from any wedding you’ve ever been to before.

4. Weddings are Expensive When I’d go to friend’s weddings as a bridesmaid, I never knew how much of a tab they ran up to throw such a lavish party for 8-hours. But working with brides closely and seeing how much they spend on the venue and their vendors has made me realize that weddings cost more than most people pay for a car, a down payment on a house, or to attend college for four years and that is just oddly ridiculous.

5. People Get Married for Reasons Other Than Love It’s the truth, sometimes. I’ve seen it all. Extreme cases of cold feet. Brides admitting they aren’t marrying “the one” but just anyone. And even once a bride who told me that she was marrying a guy that was gay for reasons that didn’t quite make the most sense to me (you can read that whole story here).

Jen is the author of the new book Always a Bridesmaid (For Hire) and the founder of the head-turning business, Bridesmaid for Hire. She can often be spotted wearing old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store or on first dates. You can follow her adventure here.